A new age of majority?

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"Like I said, I am just trying to think of solutions to a bad problem that we can all agree on. Gun grabbing - is not that solution."

When I think back on my life, I would guess that 95% of all the dumb and foolish things I have done, I did between between the ages of 0 and 25. My guess is most folks might agree with that statement. In fact, how I made it through that period as unscathed as I did, is still a mystery to me. With horrific events in Florida this week, I am struggling to find common sense solutions which both sides of the aisle can agree on.
I would like to propose the age of majority be raised to 25. Not 18, not 20, and not 21. 25. I am talking about being legally able to smoke, drink alcohol, get a tattoo, vote, join the military or (here it comes), buy a gun. The age spread between 20 and 25 is huge in our development. Mostly in our judgement. Being allowed to do adult things when a person is 18 is foolishness. And I hate to say it as this will sound very curmudgeonly - a person who is 25 years old is still considered a "pup".
The young man who legally bought the AR rifle which snuffed out 17 innocent lives is only 19. Forget the fact for a minute he probably was mentally imparred. If the legal age to buy a gun was 25, he could not have come by it legally. Would that have stopped the carnage? Maybe. It might have. If you look at the age of many of the school shootings over the years, having a different age of majority might have made a difference.
We do our young people no favor by telling them it is okay to drink and smoke when they are either teenagers, or just slightly older than a teen. Their bodies are still developing. Many get into drugs when they are in their teens. And tragically, some young people die in their teens due to bad choices and bad decisions.
This is just an idea. Not an original one however. Obama had it first. He said in the disastrous ObamaCare law, that you are a kid until you are 26. You could stay on your parents insurance policy. Truthfully - many of the kids I know of today who are in their early 20's are not ready for prime time. And they sure are not discerning enough to vote.
I know the military one might be raising some eyebrows. A young person in his or her mid-twenties will do better in the military. I know - I have seen it. I have lived it. I did some foolish things early in my military career. Many other might also admit to that. A person could go in at 25, serve for 20 years, and retire at 45 - still considered to be a very young person these days.
Let me know what you think. If I am all wet, or maybe on to something. Like I said, I am just trying to think of solutions to a bad problem that we can all agree on. Gun grabbing - is not that solution.