Why we lose: Part infinity

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I know I've pointed out ad nauseam on this blog that a Republican hasn't won a statewide election in Minnesota since Gov. Tim Pawlenty was barely reelected in 2006. There are myriad reasons why my preferred political party is so utterly inept in this state, but the infighting among GOP activists/supporters is my largest source of frustration in this struggle.

If every single solitary MN Republican voter coalesced behind one candidate, I maintain it likely would not result in a GOP win. So guess what? It stands to reason that we need a candidate who can appeal to independent voters. Much to my chagrin however, the most conservative candidate among a crop of Republicans likely could not prevail in a purplish/lite blue state like Minnesota, so it would behoove all MN conservatives too keep their proverbial powder dry. Unfortunately that doesn't seem possible given all too many GOP activists have a "take their ball and go home" mentality if their preferred candidate is not the nominee.

Yet again, it appears we're going to travel down that same ol' dead end road despite the warning sign which reads "no thru traffic."

For the record, I like Sue Jeffers personally. I respect the fact that she has put her money where her mouth is by challenging Pawlenty for the GOP nod for governor in 2006 as well as running twice for a seat on the Ramsey County Board. But someone as influential as Sue should know better than to start this nonsensical movement. I mean, what if Pawlenty enters the gubernatorial race and ends up winning the GOP nomination? Are we supposed to just stay home in November and concede the race to the Democrat candidate? Is Sue honestly saying here that there is no difference between Pawlenty and whomever the DFL puts forth? Because that bull crap rationale has also drawn us ever closer to being a cold California.

Bottom line for me: if a "#NeverPawlenty" movement gains any traction whatsoever among MN Republicans, you can count me out.