Why do progressives hate guns?

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"Yes, we fully understand what "shall not be infringed" really means. It means freedom. Freedom from tyranny."

Every time I publish an article about guns, I get push back from some of my left of center (or just plain Leftist) friends. Many have an antipathy for guns. The hate the gun rights we have. Actually, many hate the Second Amendment itself. I have heard such things in the past as, "Why do we need that archaic amendment anyhow? We have police to protect us. Plus, we don't need to hunt anymore. We have Cub Foods to go to."
The other day we were out and about, and I saw a bumper sticker I had never seen before - "I carry my Glock only because a cop is too heavy to carry." It gave me pause to think. Why do so many patriots today love the fact we can carry? For starters, just for the same reason that bumper sticker states. Sometimes, when serious trouble comes, there is not time to get on your cell phone and call 911. Sometimes, when you life is in danger, having a firearm is the difference between being a survivor and a statistic.
But the real reason patriots love and cherish our natural and God given right to bear arms, has nothing to do with hunting or target practice. Those items were never the intent of the Framers. And that is where the great divide lies between progressives and patriots. Whereas, patriots believe in a limited government, and any power the government has have been granted to it by the citizens, progressives are willing to cede ALL rights to a massive and unchecked government. The Framers, fearing this might happen, penned the Second Amendment. It is our check and balance against a government run amok.
One of my favorite things I hear from the progressives goes something like this: "If only we could ALL give up our guns, we would live in a much safer world." As Mayor Joe of Garage Logic would say, "Only if we had a giant magnet which could take all the guns away, especially those belonging to crooks." Why would Joe say that? Because OUTLAWS, who by their evil nature, live outside the law, will NEVER give up their guns.
Many progressives believe in a Nirvana more than a free America. They reject the saying that "Freedom is not free". They have no time for our military. Just the other day, a progressive school teacher in California said something like (I paraphrase) "only dolts go in the military".
Progressives hate guns - it does not matter if they are in the hands of private citizens, the police, or our military. Obama type progressives would rather see military as a small self defense force, unarmed Bobbies for cops, and of course, an unarmed population. Our Framers however, did not see it that way.
"Shall not be infringed". Gotta love those four words. It is like the Framers wanted to say, "don't you DARE screw with this right!". But, they came up with more eloquent words instead. Yes, I am a legal gun owner. I have more than one gun. I vigorously support the police who protect us. And I am a retired vet. I cannot say enough GOOD things about the brave men and women to serve to protect us.
Maybe we do need to let California go. They can become their own country. Moonbeam can be their emperor. Let California be the land of dope smoking, sanctuary for illegals, and a gun free zone - that is, except for criminals. Then all the progressives in the other states can move to the nation of California, and establish their version of Nirvana.
The rest of us however, will keep living in this Great Experiment called America. This great nation which was given to us by our Founders. It continues to be the land of the free, and home of the brave. Yes, we fully understand what "shall not be infringed" really means. It means freedom. Freedom from tyranny.