Playing the cards right…

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"Now it is up to us to help the President out. Let's finally turn this state red. Let's make Minnesota great again!"

This is without a doubt, the most promising Minnesota's landscape has looked in a long, long time. The news this past week about Rick Nolan retiring was music to my ears. I thought he was beatable anyhow. Pete Stauber is an excellent candidate, and all Nolan has done in Congress as of late, is act like a warmed over hippie and "nest egg" that seat. Stauber on the other hand, is a local resident of the area. He is highly accomplished and in tune with what the economy needs in the 8th District.
This election year, thanks in large part to the hard work done by Paul Ryan and the leadership of President Trump, Minnesota should be able to hold on to CD 2 (Lewis), CD 3 (Paulsen), CD 6 (Emmer) and then take CD 1 (Walz is gone), CD 7 (Hughes), and yes, with Pete Stauber running, CD 8. If we play our cards right, we could run the table.
Run the table Bird? Are you not forgetting something? Something very important? Like the metro area? Oh - you mean CD 4 (Betty) and CD 5 (Keith). No offense to good folks living in central Hennepin and Ramsey counties, but Rocky and Bullwinkle the Moose could win those seats if they ran in the DFL ticket. Most of the folks in the inner cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul would vote for a yellow dog instead of a Republican. Sorry - just the truth.
We can make Minnesota a sea of red with a bright blue island (the Twin Cities). There is no reason on this planet why CD 1 and CD 7 have been in Democrat hands for decades. No reason. 1, 7, and 8 should be low fruit on the tree. I know that Jennifer Carnahan (MNGOP Chair) is tuned into this also. She might not agree with my assessment on 4 and 5, but I know she does on the other districts.
One more thing which is a burr under my saddle. Secretary of State. We have excellent candidates running for Auditor (Pam Myhra), and Attorney General (Doug Wadlow). However, no Republican has stepped forward yet to run for Secretary of State. To be the watchdog on our elections, we need someone of integrity in this position. We have had enough fraud in our elections.
There you have it. Now that the caucuses are over, it is game on. We need to winnow down our field of candidates running for Governor, fill the SOS position, and rally around our endorsed candidates. My Congressman told me the President is keenly aware of how close he came to taking Minnesota. In 2018, he wants to help turn this state red.
The President has done his job. He has the economy running so hot, it is almost overheating. Unemployment claims are at a 45 year low. The tax cuts are showing up in paychecks. Now it is up to us to help the President out. Let's finally turn this state red. Let's make Minnesota great again!