This is Modern “Feminism”

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Former state representative Phyllis Kahn, commenting on Minnesota public radio’s upcoming pledge week:

I, myself, have chosen to remember how Garrison Keillor treated…

… Well, everybody. By all accounts, Keillor was obsequious to those he saw as his “superiors” – presidents, governors (provided they were Democrats) and stars – mildly ingratiating to peers who, in his opinion, could help him, and rude, dismissive and arrogant to those he saw as “below” him. And the legends about him as an employer should follow him into the next life, if there is cosmic justice.

It’s not hard to imagine that Phyllis Kahn believes there is one set of rules for everyone else, and one for the likes of her and Garrison Keillor; she’s the one that used her political clout to Jimmy the Minneapolis city code to ptrvent De La Salle high school from putting up lights at it’s football stadium – to avoid harsh and her nighttime mellow.

This flyer was apparently slipped under peoples’ doors in Cedar Riverside – a Minneapolis neighborhood with a large Somali population – “an hour before the caucuses” this past Tuesday:

Give it a read.

I don’t know about you, but to me it reads like someone who wants to caricature what they think an ignorant Republican might write like (and who perhaps isn’t nearly as literate as they think they are, themselves).

And I’m trying to wrap my heads around the idea of a bunch of (clearly white) bigots running around Cedar Riverside stuffing things “under peoples’ doors”…

…according to the person who posted the offending flyer…:

…who, as luck would have it, just happens to work for a DFL-affiliated Somali community group.

Slipping under doors? Not distributed at caucus sites?

I dunno. Seems fishy to me.