Schiff for Brains

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The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was the victim of a prank phone call by Russian comedians who offered to give him 'compromising' dirt on Donald Trump – including nude photos of the president and a Russian reality show star. can disclose that after the prank, his staff engaged in correspondence with what they thought was a Ukrainian politician to try to obtain the 'classified' material promised on the call.

On an audio recording of the prank call posted online, Adam Schiff can be heard discussing the committee's Russia investigation and increasingly bizarre allegations about Trump with a man who claimed to be Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament.

The call, made a year ago, was actually from two Russian comedians nicknamed 'Vovan' and 'Lexus' who have become notorious for their phony calls to high-ranking American officials and celebrities, including UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Elton John.

Its existence was first reported by The Atlantic but not how a staff member working for the minority on the House Intelligence Committee pursued the information after the call.

Schiff claims he knew all along it was a prank. But if you know it's a prank, why do you stay on the phone for 8 minutes? Wouldn't you hang up immediately? And why would you send your staff back for a follow-up if you knew it was a prank? Listen for yourself -- it's comedy gold, Jerry:

A reminder for you -- if Donald Trump Jr. talks to Russians about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton, it could be a felony and certainly worthy of the attention of Robert Mueller. If Adam Schiff talks to Russians about getting dirt on Donald Trump, it's copacetic.