New fingerprints?

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"Stay calm folks. This story is far from over. It has legs - lots and lots of legs. How will it end? Badly for some."

There is an old saying - never put anything out on electronic media. Why? It lasts forever. The big breaking news this morning is the discovery of more emails between Peter Strzok and his consort and colleague, Lisa Page. This smoking gun continues to expose more fingerprints. And the new fingerprints might end up with the man in the castle - that would be POTUS (44).
"POTUS wants to know everything." That is the money shot from one of the newly revealed text messages. Some might say, "Ah ha! We new Trump was dirty!" One problem - Trump was not POTUS at that time. It was Barrack Obama. And if Obama had knowledge of all this skulduggery, so did Hillary Clinton. And then the "swamp" will have a whole new dimension.
Get the picture? For those who are of age (like myself), this is shades of Watergate. While the Democrats have been trying to equate Russian collusion and the Trump campaign to Watergate, it really is the corruption on the Left which will win the prize. Why is this like Watergate? It seems like every day, a new piece of the puzzle was discovered. Soon enough information was put together to draw the noose tightly around the Nixon Administration.
I know many get a bad taste in their mouth and really don't want to hear any more of this garbage. But this is important. And it is history being made. As the President as well as others in his administration have said - 99% of the folks working at the DOJ and FBI are hard working, and honest patriots. There are however, a few skunks in the woodpile. And they are high up in the pecking order.
Donald Trump promised us he would drain the swamp. For many, it sounded like a good campaign slogan. What are we finding out? The swamp is real! Not only real, but vast. It is deep and wide and affects many of the departments in Washington. Oh yes - the "deep state" is also real. We are seeing it exposed, live and in color, every evening on the television.
Stay calm folks. This story is far from over. It has legs - lots and lots of legs. How will it end? Badly for some. Some will be convicted. Some will do the perp walk. Legacies will be tarnished.
What is coming is a cleansing. It will be like going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. A very unpleasant experience, but very necessary. The cleaning is coming. Maybe sooner rather than later.