The Blog Can Drive

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And for its sixteenth birthday vehicle, it chooses a 1968 Lotus 49.

Shot In The Dark started sixteen years ago today. I was in my isolated basement cube at a doomed startup just about the time the dotcom bubble started popping. I read an article on about this new phenomenon, blogging, bringing unprecedented number of people to the marketplace of ideas.

Having been a frustrated pundit in my twenties, it called out to me; I started reading Andrew Sullivan, and that night I went out to and started “Shot in the Dark”.

The neighborhood’s changed since then. Other blogs have come and gone. Others – Ed Morrissey, Powerline – made it big, and turned into self-sustaining ventures.

Me? I just kept on writing. And here I am today.

Anyway – thanks to all of you for joining me on this ride. It’s never gotten old.

Kind of like the Lotus 49.