Why it matters

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"I really don't care which party did it. I really mean it. Take politics out of this just for a minute. What happened was wrong - dead wrong."

Today is the day many have been waiting for. The "memo" was released. Some are ecstatic, others not so much. Some think this memo exceeded expectations, others say it fell short. Some say it was important to release to ensure transparency, others say it is only a political ploy. I will give you my take.
As some know, I was in the "business" during my Navy career. What I did was strictly sanctioned by the government. There was no room for error or indiscretion. Every year we all had to read a now declassified document called USSID 18. It spelled out exactly what was in bounds, and what was out of bounds for the jobs we did. To violate any tenets of USSID 18 once you verified you have read it and understood it, would land you out of a job and in deep, deep legal trouble.
I retired in 1992, and in 2001 the terror attack came. Then everything changed. The Patriot Act gave broad powers to the government which did not exist when I was in the Navy. There were times terror suspects were surveilled while they were hiding overseas. No problem. There were also times when terror suspects needed to be surveilled when they were talking to an American citizen. To conduct surveillance on both sides of the conversadtion legally, a warrant was prepared and presented to a FISA court for approval.
Once approval was given by a FISA court for an American intelligence agency to conduct surveillance on an American, it was very tightly monitored and controlled. In NO EVENT EVER, could the name of the American being surveilled be "unmasked" (revealed) unless the FISA court granted permission due to an iron clad reason to do so. Anyone who would "unmask" someone being surveilled without such approval, would be in deep, deep trouble.
Get the picture? What the memo just touched on (never even mentioned the illegal "unmasking" which took place under the Obama Administration), shows corruption in the some areas of upper level FBI management as well as the DOJ. Forget Muller for a minute. This is the REAL story. An organization, which is supposed to be purer than the driven snow, was weaponized by some operatives in the Clinton camp during the 2016 election. And they lied to a FISA court to obtain an illegal warrant to conduct surveillance on a political opponent.
I really don't care which party did it. I really mean it. Take politics out of this just for a minute. What happened was wrong - dead wrong. Heads should roll. People should be fired. Under Obama, we weaponized the IRS, the NSA, and now the FBI? We need to fix this, and then do a lessons learned to prevent this from EVER happening again.
And Strzok and his lover? They should have both been fired a long time ago, and NEVER allowed to work for the federal government again.
That is my take. That is why this matters. Anyone with dirty fingers needs to go. And I mean anyone.