Land Of 10,000 Money Pits

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MInnesota’s motor vehicle licenseing and registration system – MNLARS – is years behind schedule, cost nearly 50 million dollars to unsuccessfully build…

…and will need nearly that much to get working.


The system dubbed MNLARS was already years behind schedule and nearly twice its original $48 million budget when it launched this summer. But problems with the mainframe have caused delays in delivering license tabs and titles and frustrated car dealerships with once simple transactions.

Top project managers said Wednesday they need another $43 million to get MNLARS on track. Dana Bailey from Minnesota’s Information Technology Services says that will allow the state to fix bugs and correct major issues by this summer.

It currently takes months to get registrations and licenses processed. If you’re lucky.

Im sure this time they’ll get it right.

Minnesota’s state IT has always been iffy. Under Mark Dayton, it’s gotten much, much worse.