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Maureen Callahan in the New York Post, discussing Hillary Clinton's explanation of why she did bupkis about a sexual harasser on her campaign staff:

Yet Clinton’s essay underscores what a terrible candidate she is and always has been. She offers nothing more than self-serving prevarications under the guise of explanation: She didn’t want to take away a man’s livelihood. The young woman who complained was reassigned (because the victim should be inconvenienced). She liked her new post! We’re in a different era now! How was Hillary to know, way back in 2008, that sexual harassment should never be tolerated?

“For most of my life,” Hillary wrote, “harassment wasn’t something talked about or even acknowledged.”

Except for the bulk of the 1990s, when her husband was accused by multiple women of harassment and by one of rape and Hillary worked to publicly discredit them.

Other than that, no knowledge.

Ouch. And the conclusion:

This has always been the problem with Hillary Clinton: Nothing is ever her fault. She is congenitally incapable of saying the words “I’m sorry” — in fact, they are nowhere to be found in her Facebook post. She is somehow always the victim despite her own poor decision-making. She still blames us for losing the most winnable election ever.

Well, perhaps some day we'll be worthy of choosing Hillary Clinton. We can only hope.