Deal or no deal?

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"Rumor has it that tomorrow night at the State of the Union address, the Democrats are inviting 'dreamers' as guests and the President is inviting ICE Agents. Should be quite a show."

There is an old saying that in every good negotiation each side has to feel a bit of the burn. In other words, everybody walks away from the table satisfied, but also a bit skinned. I think the proposal the White House is floating about how to fix this DACA mess is a textbook example of that theory. None of the hard liners on either side are that happy with it. But the bottom line is this - it WILL help to fix a big problem which has been going on for years.
The first thing which will need to be fixed for this proposal to go forward is the number of "dreamers" affected. It is not 1.6 or 1.8 million. It is about 3/4 of a million, or a bit less. That number needs to be capped. Next the amount for border security on the southern border needs to be defined. How much for the physical wall? How much for the new technology wall? How much for more border agents?
Truthfully, we all have done a horse***t job in our immigration control. We really have. This "dreamer" issue should have never been allowed to get to this point. And I am so sick of limp wristed Democrats getting up on the floor of the House and Senate and crying about how we are a nation of immigrants. I want to shout back, we are - LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! It is crap like that which has allowed this mess to go on so long.
Chain migration HAS TO END. It is killing our cities. Look at Minneapolis and St. Cloud for example. There has to be some kind of sanity on who and how many people come into our communities. Besides changing the culture of those communities, chain migration is breaking the bank. The same goes for this nutty program called visa lottery. Why that has not been killed years ago is beyond me.
I think Donald Trump feels so passionate about this issue that he will be front and center in these negotiations. I think he will broker a deal which will fix a big part of the dysfunction in our immigration system. Will it be a perfect fix? Nope. Will everyone be happy with it? Absolutely not. However, he will have fixed the unfixable. This will be one of the defining accomplishments of his Presidency. It may involve letting some "dreamers" cut into line ahead of others, but it needs to be done.
Tomorrow night at the State of the Union address, the Democrats are inviting "dreamers" as guests and it is rumored the President is inviting ICE Agents. If true, it should be quite a show. But beyond the theatrics, we will hear in depth the President's plan. It is something everyone on both sides of the aisle should take seriously. Even those progressive haters who will stop at nothing to destroy this President.