Terror in Washington!!!! (not really)

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"2018 will be another year of the 'great reckoning'. Fixing what Obama broke. Obama's 'catch and release' policy is part of what got us into this mess."

Guess what kids? The federal government might shut down again. (Yawn....) Not to worry - I will not write about that boring subject. As most of us know, shutting down the federal government only shutters the National Parks (who cares in January?), and sends home "non-essential" workers (if they are "non-essential", they should stay home permanently).
No - I am going to address another issue this morning which pertains to our federal government. One which is not boring. One which has not happened before. California, the state many of us love to hate, is going to be ground zero for a constitutional showdown. Where the rule of law is going to be tested. Where the aegis of the "sanctuary city" will meet a real acid test. Yes California, the feds are coming to arrest and deport some of your illegal citizens. And you have promised to protect these illegals at all costs.
Last night I was at a political forum for candidates running for Governor. Guess what one of the topics was? Immigration - primarily, chain immigration. What it has done to this state. And with the chain immigration, comes more illegal immigration. And in the words of one candidate who has a military intel background, more terrorists come also.
True patriots know we have a big problem on our hands. What started out as a trickle, has now become a flood. And more and more citizens in this state are now shouting, ENOUGH! Some of the citizens in California might be saying the same. But their voices are being drown out by the ruling elite. Why? The ruling elite do not see it that way. More immigrants, legal or not, means more Democratic votes at election time. So California will try and protect these people at all costs from ICE. And ICE is just as determined to finally get a handle on this problem.
Every now and again a story comes along which I believe has legs. This is one of them. Who is going to blink on this issue? Will it be peaceful? Will there be bloodshed? Will the courts (once again) get involved? All unknown at this time. But our President is firm on this issue. No more sanctuary cites. No more harboring law breakers.
2018 will be another year of the "great reckoning". Fixing what Obama broke. Obama's "catch and release" policy is part of what got us into this mess. Now Trump needs to fix it. And fix it he will. Stay tuned - this might get very interesting, very soon.