Move over Gipper! We have some new Teflon here!

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"If Trump was a Democrat instead of a dastardly Republican, the Left would already be prepping Mount Rushmore for a fifth sculpture."

What is wrong with that Donald Trump guy??? Turns out - not much. He has become the new version of the Teflon President. He has even "less stick" on himself than Ronald Reagan had. And the funny part for us on the Right is this - whereas Ronald Reagan had the Left mesmerized with his affable nature and quick wit, Donald Trump has the Left spinning in circles.
Since it is Muhammad Ali's birthday today, I will somewhat quote him. While the MSM has been trying to tag the President with a knockout punch, Donald Trump has been "floating like a butterfly and can sting the press like a bee." In other words, the press cannot lay a glove on him.
Yesterday, the President's doctor gave a presser on the results of 45's first physical while in office. This was the moment the press had been waiting for. The Russian thing kind of went flop, the corruption thing never materialized, and the "palace drama" in the White House has been a bust. But the physical! Now is when they are going to really nail him. Get that copy of the 25th Amendment ready, because now they can use it! Trump is going to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bad joints, obese, and most of all - he will prove to be a "dotard".
What the what just happened? This President who is suppose to be five minutes from a heart attack or stoke is in excellent health (for a 71 year old man). He whizzed through the cognitive test and passed the rest of the physical just fine, thank you. His resting BP is 122/78 (okay - I am very jealous of that!) and his eyesight is so good, he does not even need to wear glasses (jealous again).
Donald Trump continues to play the press just like a master musician plays an instrument. And Trump's Press Secretary? Wow! Sarah Sanders is better than excellent! She handles the daily press briefings like Diggs handles a fourth down pass from Case Keenum. Donald Trump has brought Teflon back to the White House. We have not seen it since the Gipper left. But it is back now. Will that stop the MSM from trying to break through that Teflon? Na! But they will keep trying, and POTUS will continue to make them look like fools.
One more thing. While the attacks on this Administration keep coming in, stuff keeps happening. The stock market hit 26,000 for the first time this week, and the economy continues to roar along. Even though Trump has not won over the African American community as yet - he should have. The unemployment rate in that community is at a 45 year low. If Trump was a Democrat instead of a dastardly Republican, the Left would already be prepping Mount Rushmore for a fifth sculpture.
One more thing. Thanks to CNN, the most commonly used word this month is "shit hole". If Trump said it, or did not say it, "shit hole" has become the most commonly used word since "covfefe". Once again, Donald Trump plays the Left like a violin - and his Teflon coating continues to do just fine.