Hello Vikings – welcome to history!

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"Welcome to history Vikings. Win, lose or draw next weekend, the 'Minneapolis Miracle' will be talked about for years, and years, and years. My only comment? SKOL!!!!"

Back when I was a newlywed, and just starting out in the working world, my Dad was also still working. He worked as a Purchasing Director for a manufacturing firm in St. Paul. Back then, the rules for gifting were more lax, so my Dad would occasionally get free tickets to the Vikings or Gophers. My parents had no desire to go to the games, and put up with rowdy fans - but my wife and I did. We went to as many Viking games as we could out at the old Met Stadium. The Gophers - not so much. They kind of sucked back then (sure glad that has changed!).
One of the more memorable games we went to during the age of the Purple People Eaters was a cold December playoff game in 1975. Yes, it was the now infamous "Hail Mary" game. This game is still being talked about in Dallas. It was that big. And (by some of the older Viking fans) it is still being talked about in Minnesota. How Drew Pearson got away with a flagrant push off on a Minnesota defender and made a miracle catch on a desperation fourth down Hail Mary pass from Roger Staubach. It was the 50 yard catch which broke purple hearts for decades.
The 1975 "Hail Mary" pass ranked right up there with the "Immaculate Reception" from the 1972 Steeler/Raider AFC Playoff game. As famous as Franco Harris was before the catch, this play solidified his place in football history. Two great catches, in two critical playoff games. That is until yesterday. Now we have added one more. The one which many are now calling the "Minneapolis Miracle".
There are so many things that were right about how the game turned out yesterday. First, it helped right a huge wrong from 1975. The Vikings got royally screwed by Dallas on that "Hail Mary" pass. Now all the Vikings fans can think about is the "Minneapolis Miracle". Next, it happened against the Saints, who "mugged" Bret Favre in the 2010 NFC championship playoff game in New Orleans in 2010. The Saints played so dirty, they should have been barred from playing in the Super Bowl, and that honor should have gone to the Vikings.
In any event, that was then, and this is now. The only thing which could have made yesterday even sweeter, is if the Dirty Birds had beat the Eagles. We would have then played Atlanta AT HOME for the NFC championship next Sunday. We could have settled one more playoff score from the past.
Welcome to history Vikings. Win, lose or draw next weekend, the "Minneapolis Miracle" will be talked about for years, and years, and years. My only comment? SKOL!!!!