The common vernacular

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"Every time Donald Trump sticks his finger in the eye of the Washington establishment, his base cheers with glee."

Oh that common vernacular! Or should we called it (as some do), "the common man's vernacular"? Our 45th President got caught yesterday using a common gutter word to describe some countries around the world. The word he used to describe these countries is the same word many of us would use. Why? Because in the eye of many, they are. But wait a minute! That is not very PC! In case you have not as yet noticed, this President hates PC.
Do you mean to tell me our President swears? Yes he does. And he is the first in recorded history that does so. Okay - that was a joke. Most Presidents have used salty language at one time or another. Let's just for a minute, pretend Donald Trump uses the same language that LBJ did while he was in the Oval Office. How LBJ seldom referred to black folks as African-Americans. How LBJ often used the "N" word. And yet, that never made the front page of the Star Tribune like Trump's "shit-hole" comment. If Trump used the "N" words like LBJ did, he would be impeached, and his base would desert him.
When John McCain was running for President, his tag line was "straight talk". I can tell you with certainty, the straight talk out of John McCain was nothing compared to the straight talk out of Donald Trump. President Trump speaks his mind. True, sometimes it might be better if he adjusted his filter. But I am a fine one to talk. My wife tells me every year my filter gets looser - based on some things that blurt out of my mouth.
Like everything else this President has done, the Loony Left will hate him for besmirching those poor countries by calling them that name. He did it of course, because those countries are a hot mess. With our lotto immigration, many of those people have come over here. Many have no working skills, and no English language skills. Then they become our problem.
What did Trump's base think about the "shit-hole" comment? They loved it! Every time Donald Trump sticks his finger in the eye of the Washington establishment, his base cheers with glee. As I have said many times before, Trump is the "ying" to Obama's "yang". After eight years of Obama parsing every word out of his mouth, for many of us Donald Trump is a refreshing breath of pure American man.
Will this be the last time Donald Trump "tells it like it is" from the Oval Office? Probably not. All Joe Six Pack cares about in 2018 is that every day the economy is getting better, and our military is becoming stronger. That is it. Make enough money to live on and enjoy life while not having to worry about some tin horned dictator pushing us around.
And if Joe Six Pack had to grade Donald Trump right now just using those metrics, he would probably get an "A". My opinion? We could do a lot worse than Donald Trump. How do I know? For the past eight years before Trump we did a lot worse.