Liberal Woes

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"Like California, we can fight the President and give Washington the middle finger while we slowly go down the drain."

Lady Thatcher is quoted as saying that Socialism works great until you run out of other people's money. It is hard to believe that a state as big as California, and housing the industry it does, is running out of money. Does it not have enough money? Oh, it has plenty of dough. However, just like a person with a spending addiction, California spends more than it takes in.
How bad is it right now in California? Today on the news, there was talk of some of the municipal pensions running short on funds. Where some pensions might have to be cut back. By the way - California is not the only state with this issue. Other states (mostly blue) have similar issues. Promise more than can be delivered. Page one out of the liberal play book.
The appetite in Washington right now is to cut, cut, cut. And drive down costs into the states where possible. Decentralization. Why? Many of the costs that the federal government have picked up should have never been put there in the first place. And boy, oh boy - is California Junior (that be the Once Great State of Minnesota) going to be in for a rough ride. The gravy train is about over. This out of control Marx Dayton (and his DFL henchmen) tax and spend orgy is about to have a huge hangover.
Now we can stay a liberal state like California, and soon we will start to stew in our own juice. But guess what? Help is not on the way. It is not coming. Uncle Sugar no longer lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now we have a business man who understands a P/L statement and bottom lines. Like California, we can fight the President and give Washington the middle finger while we slowly go down the drain. Or - starting on February 20th, 2018, we tell our elected representatives to get with the program.
For reasons which escape me, we elected a dunce to be our Governor for the past two terms. I believe one of the reasons is that many of the newer people who have arrived in this state, have guzzled the DFL kool-aid. They fell for the "chicken in every pot" story the DFL was peddling. Now the money is gone, and many of the DFL promises are going to go (once again), unfulfilled.
There is no doubt about it. 2018 is going to be a pivotal year for Minnesota. First off, our House and Senate need to fix our high SALT issue when they first convene next month. This is imperative. They also need to set the table for a TOTAL elimination of the Social Security tax on seniors. Both of those fixes will result in the state not taking in as much money. That is a good thing. We need to starve the beast. At the same time, our spending needs to be reduced from somewhere above the troposphere down to at least the stratosphere. And trust me - we have PLENTY of areas which are ripe for cutting.
But the big whammy in 2018 needs to happen in November. For the first time in just about forever, we need sanity running our state Government. And that starts at the top. We need a conservative (not just a Republican - a conservative) Governor with each of the state constitutional offices also being held by conservatives. Plus (and this is also a big one) - we need to keep the Minnesota House.
The choice is ours to make. Look like a donkey state like we have under Dayton, or be the pride of the Midwest, showing our neighboring states how prosperity really looks. If we want to stay looking like "California Junior", we too, will start to sink slowly into the west. I think we are better than that. In fact - I know we are better than that.