The Pitch Meeting Writes Itself

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Noted in advance: It’s the Daily Mail, which gives tabloids in general a bad name.

On the other hand, the story’s too good to doubt: British SAS troopers (the unit Delta is modeled after), ambushed in Afghanistan and running low on ammo, take drastic measures to hold out until help arrived:

An SAS soldier decapitated an ISIS terrorist using only a spade after their unit was ambushed by militants during a patrol in eastern Afghanistan.

The veteran sergeant is said to have cut-off the gunman’s head in one swoop after running out of ammunition during a fierce six-hour gun battle.

After killing him, the elite soldier then used the jihadist’s own weapon to kill more ISIS henchmen.

To make the episode even more movie-perfect, the troopers were rescued by a couple of American attack helicopters, in a scene that reads not a lot different from the climactic scene in Lone Suirvivor.

Daily Mail, schmaily schmail. I want to believe it.

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