An easy immigration fix

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"Until the illegals start to vote Republican, this issue will continue to be part of our great divide."

This past weekend, we had the pleasure to spend some time with our Congressman and his lovely wife. We talked a lot of family stuff, plus a bit of politics. One of the topics which came up was immigration. How this has turned into a sticky wicket with the continuation of funding for the government. On the way home, I thought about our talk. When did immigration become such a divisive issue in our country? After all, we have had immigration for years.
The answer really, is quite simple. It is when we had to put the word "illegal" in front of immigration. With legal immigration our system works just fine, thank you. That is with one caveat. We might need to expand our I-9 Visa program to accommodate more high skilled workers. The kinds of workers we cannot produce quickly enough to meet the demands of our exploding economy.
But then we have the 10 million or so illegals floating around. Most are not high skilled. In fact, many have limited skills and unlimited needs. Democrats on one hand, want to grant all these folks blanket amnesty. And keep the "chain migration" going at top speed. Why would they want this, instead of a orderly system of legal migration? One word which we all know - votes.
What would be an instant fix for this problem? Have the illegal immigrants decide it is better to vote Republican than Democrat. The Democrats would drop them like hot potatoes. The Democrats would be clamoring for more ICE resources, a 90 foot wall on our southern border, and stricter prison sentencing for trying to sneak into this country.
The DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is going to be fixed. That is a given. It will be fixed before March. Why? First off, these kids are innocent. They had no choice in the path their parents took. Second, which politician wants to vote against innocent children? None that I know.
Chain migration on the other hand, should be killed. Same with lottery visas. Bad policies, bad results. And build the damn wall for crying out loud! If the Democrats want to shut down the government over the wall, chain migration and lottery visas, let them. Once the government is shut down, we will see if anyone (save the lap dog media), notices.
Until the illegals start to vote Republican, this issue will continue to be part of our great divide. And because of stubborn archaic politics and policies, I don't see a near term fix for this - not even a little bit.