One Response to “Broton, DFL vs. McClung in 2018”

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This morning on At Issue, Darin Broton did his best to downplay the impact the failure of MNLARS will have on the 2018 elections. Unfortunately for him, he’s a spinmeister for the DFL, aka the party of big government. The MNLARS fiasco is one of the worst governmental disasters of recent years, only exceeded by the MNsure crisis. With the MNsure crisis, the IT system kept crashing. That plus MNsure’s CEO took a 2 week vacation with her lover at the height of the IT crisis.

The MNLARS crisis features another IT crisis that’s proving to be unsolvable. That’s sounding familiar. The part that sums this up is found in the paragraph that says “No one would say Thursday, amid repeated questioning from frustrated state lawmakers, one of whom suggested that the state’s entire IT department be dismantled and those who worked on the system be purged from state employment. State officials said they’re working on coming up with an answer.”

What’s worse is that state officials don’t know how to fix this:

Joan Redwing, the state’s chief enterprise architect assigned to Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) — the state’s information technology department — didn’t give an answer he was looking for. Redwing said the team is working on a “road map” for how to fix the $93 million system, known as MNLARS, and that road map will have a timeline for fixing the problems, which have persisted since its launch in July.

“We are working on a release … it’s important that we take the time to coordinate a road map,” she said. “We need to make sure it’s been properly vetted. … We do have a draft document, but I can’t issue draft documents that will change.”

What’s needed is someone that knows what they’re doing. Minnesota doesn’t need another career bureaucrat that doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Scott Newman got peoples’ attention with this:

“I would be amazed if we do not see legislation come forward in this session that will either eliminate or greatly change the state agency we know today as MNIT.” Saying the agency’s credibility had been “completely lost,” he added: “I am going to be extremely reluctant to give any more money until the people who are involved in this project are no longer employed by the state of Minnesota.”

MNLARS is just another bit of proof that big government isn’t able to keep the promises it makes. It frequently overpromises and underdelivers. That’s the only thing it does consistently. It’s time to start tearing down the leviathan.

Broton is a spinmeister for the DFL. The DFL is the party of big government. Why should people have any confidence in the DFL or big government?