Trump vs. the Grifter and the Phony

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"But let me give you one caveat should you succeed in ruining this Presidency. Some day one of your guys might be sworn in again. Get what I am saying? Pay back is a bitch."

I have had just about enough. Hate, hate and more hate. Even Jimmy Carter has complained about it. Carter said this President has experienced more headwinds from the lap dog press and Loony Left than any other President in history. I finally have found something I agree with Carter on. And the un-loyal opposition in this country will stop at nothing to ruin this man. They will go after his family, his honor (the Russian BS), his health and now his fitness for office. Stand by patriots - the goofballs and haters in Emerald City are about ready to dust of the 25th Amendment.
Not to rain on the lunatic's parade, but here it is in a nutshell. Donald J. Trump is duly elected 45th President. As a self made man worth billions, he did not need this job. He went after it for one reason - he wanted to help Make America Great Again (MAGA). His idea? Nope. He was however, able to hear the crowd. Hear the message the crowd was sending. MAGA is the battle cry of not just Donald Trump - it is the battle cry of millions of patriots in this nation.
Here is what is going to happen should the Loony Left be successful in getting Trump removed from office. Or if Trump finally decides he and his family have had enough of this BS, and resigns. What will happen? Nothing. MAGA continues on. Stronger than ever. It will not be as easy without our champion - but President Pence will do fine. And Trump will forever be remembered as the one who lit the flame.
For those who think Trump is that bad, did you really want a Grifter like Hillary Clinton in the White House? Really? Or a limp fraud like Obama? So America can once again be the doormat to every dictator who wants to torture or execute innocent people? NO! The people of America, the tax paying patriots, want a STRONG leader who can KEEP America Great Again! Trump was elected to start this juggernaut - and the juggernaut will be around after 4 years, after 8 years, or tomorrow, should Trump decides to leave office then.
Last night, just for the fun of it, I watched the unwatchable CNN. I wanted to see if they were still on their rant about "getting our President". They were. Two hours of Anderson Cooper with a panel of stooges to back him up. Blah, blah, blah. Never a bad word about the Grifter however, or her sex crazed husband. They are fine in the good book of progressives.
So go ahead haters. Give the President your best shot. Like I said, he might get tired of your BS and just call it a day. Or he might tough it out and really make your life hell by continuing to improve our country. But let me give you one caveat should you succeed in ruining this Presidency. Some day one of your guys might be sworn in again. Get what I am saying? Pay back is a bitch.
p.s. On Bannon? Most of us were not nuts about having him in the White House from the get-go. Not to be trusted. With his book just being released, he has proved us correct. Now he will fade away, as Trump continues to ascend.