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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A colleague predicts charitable giving will plummet next year. Charitable contributions will not be deductible under the new tax law, but your personal exemption will increase to $10,000 per person. No net effect on most people’s income taxes; but if you are effectively getting the charitable deduction without actually making a charitable contribution, why contribute? Who’d be foolish enough to throw money away like that?

This is how Liberals view the world. Liberals make charitable contributions to get tax breaks. No tax break – no charitable contribution.

That is not how Conservatives view the world. We make charitable contributions to help others and we consistently give more than our Liberal brethren. The tax break is nice but even if we don’t get it, we’re still going to make our same contributions.

Charitable giving is not for the tax break, it’s for the soul. Liberals failing to understand that, explains much of what’s gone wrong in America since they rammed through The Great Society.

Joe Doakes

Joe’s outlook is sunnier than mine. The left at its core detests charity. They want it socialized.

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