Here is your global warming!!

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"Anyhow, the haters will continue to hate. This is just another issue the Loons on the Left will try and tie around the President's neck."

As I pen this article this morning, the temperature in my back yard is -16 and the wind chill is -35. For some bizarre reason, my wife's niece is getting married today, so we have to drive 50 miles in frigid temps to get to the wedding. In fact, this current polar vortex is so big, so vast, it covers just about the entire nation - including parts of Florida.
I am not hearing much about global warming this week. Wait - not true. The true believers in this nonsense are saying this arctic polar vortex is also part of global warming (or climate change). If I was British, I would say Balderdash!
Our climate is constantly changing on this orb we live on. Including during this Quaternary. How so? For example, scientists believe during the past 2 1/2 million years we have had 50 ice ages. 50! And the most recent was a scant 21,000 years ago. During that ice age, just about the entire continent of North America was covered by some kind of ice. In fact, the ice was so thick over Hudson's Bay, it measured over two miles think. The polar ice cap stretched as far south as New York. I bet nobody was crabbing back then when the ice caps started to shrink!
Living where we do, this past year was very good for weather. Just enough rain for bumper crops once again. The farmers don't much like it, because there is so much grain on the market, the prices are depressed. Other than that however, things are fine. Had a few days in the 90's, but not bad. This winter so far has been brutal. Cold, cold and more cold. That also has some advantages - kills more bugs hiding in the bark of the trees.
In any event, our climate on Planet Earth has always been in a constant state of flux. Is mankind putting more carbon in the air now than 100 years ago? I suppose we are. However, the times they are a changing. Less coal all the time. More natural gas. As time goes on, more renewable which makes financial sense. New technologies like the fuel cells are right around the corner.
By the way, if people really want to get riled up about our climate, they need to look no further than North Korea. Now that "Rocket Man" has as many as 80 nukes, should he use all of them against anyone on this planet, it will (according to scientists) change our climate for up to a century. People will not be bitching about global warming - instead many will freeze to death.
Anyhow, the haters will continue to hate. This is just another issue the Loons on the Left will try and tie around the President's neck. As for me however, I am sitting by the electric heater with a blanket around my shoulders, trying to stay warm.