Universe or Multiverse?

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"Will we ever know the answer to the question of universe or multiverse? Maybe not. But it is fun to listen to the theories."

What the heck is a multiverse anyhow? Seems like I have been hearing more and more these days about this thing called a multiverse. From whom have I been hearing this from? Nut balls or kooks? Nope. Mostly scientists and astronomers. People who know what they are talking about. But - do they have proof that this thing called a multiverse exists? Not a shred of evidence. But that does not stop them from making theories.
This is mind blowing for sure. We are learning more and more every year about the size and complexity of just our universe. Isn't that enough for crying out loud? We already know there are more stars in the universe than grains of sands in all the deserts on Earth. I can't even wrap my brain around that one. So with all of that, why in the world would we need something more?
I was watching one science show where the topic of the multiverse was the topic du jour. Not only if we have a multiverse, but how many universes might exist within it. Now hold on to your seat belts as this gets really wild. Some scientists not only believe we have a multiverse, but the other universes lie parallel to ours. In other words, we all have a "twin" of sorts (or many, many of them) which exists just a frequency away in another dimension. Some refer to that as the "string theory".
Just think for a moment. Currently (and this number seems to go up every year), scientists believe there are 170 billion galaxies in our universe. Some of those galaxies are huge, One for sure is estimated to contain 100 trillion stars. Others are much smaller than our Milky Way. In any event, the number of stars in our universe is almost beyond comprehension.
Now imagine for a minute, if we could travel to the outer limits of our universe and then, bang! We bump into the outer limits of the next universe! And that keeps going and going and going. Bottom line - our minds cannot comprehend such a thing. Our solar system is just about enough for us right now, thank you. And if we did ever venture beyond our solar system, the distance between stars is staggering. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is not that big compared to other galaxies. And yet it is still 120,000 light years across.
Will we ever know the answer to the question of universe or multiverse? Maybe not. But it is fun to listen to the theories. Or, most of the time it is just fun to look up into the heavens on a dark and starry night to just plain imagine.