The hate runs deep this Christmas (and it should not!)

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"If Donald Trump ever perjures himself like Nixon or Clinton did, I will be asking for justice. However, until there are 'high crimes or misdemeanors' or lying under oath, Donald Trump can an keep on keeping on."

My, oh my. Of all seasons of the year, this season of good cheer, this season of festivities, this season of remembering (and celebrating) the birth of the Prince of Peace, the hatred in our land runs very strong. Why is that? I have no clue.
The Left, once known by themselves to be the party of tolerance, has now shown itself to be anything but in addressing our current President. One would think after eight years of shredding of the Constitution by our former President, the hatred from the Right would be palpable. Nope. The Right did hate what he did to the country, but they did not hate the man. The Left on the other hand, has a visceral, seething hatred of Donald J. Trump. Even a retired pastor friend of mine is not immune from this hatred.
Because I am a bit long in the tooth, I was alive during many Presidential terms. I was born when Truman was President - not that long after he authorized the atomic bombing of Japan. Then came Eisenhower, Kennedy (yes, I remember the assassination like it was yesterday), Johnson, Nixon (and I remember Watergate and the resignation quite clearly), Carter, Reagan, Bush (41), Clinton, Bush (43), and finally Obama.
I have seen each President since I reached adulthood fall into disfavor with the other side of the political spectrum. But I have NEVER, EVER, seen the crude, crass, un-American profanity laced diatribes, like I have seen launched against our current President.
I will admit that Donald Trump is a flawed man. A good many of the Presidents listed above have been. But just like many of the men listed above, Donald Trump also has his good points. I believe by the time his term(s) is up, he will leave this country better than when he took the oath. But the Left will not give him that much grace - in fact, no grace.. No matter what he does, he still sucks in their book.
The Left will lie, and lie, and lie about what he has done to harm this country. And the POS media will agree, They are in his in their hip pocket, acting like parrots with each of these lies.
What I will ask those of the Left is to do the following: If you disagree with the polices that President Trump has promulgated, it is your right in this country to voice your displeasure. But keep your comments about the policies and not the person. And try to keep your comments out of the gutter and free of invective. As Covey has said, "If you want to be understood, first strive to understand." Maybe there is some parts of the policy you do not yet fully understand - that is where honest dialogue comes in. Dialogue between Americans, talking respectfully to each other.
If Donald Trump ever perjures himself like Nixon or Clinton did, I will be asking for justice. However, until there are "high crimes or misdemeanors" or lying under oath, Donald Trump can keep on keeping on. Right now, he is my President and I support him. I you do not support him, find a better candidate than Hillary to run in 2020. And good luck with that - I think that the Trumpster is just getting started!