Is this finally it?

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"Some retired FAA operators have testified under oath they would occasionally see 'somethings' going at speeds up to 20,000 mph. An impossible speed. Making impossible turns."

Is this finally it? The long awaited disclosure by the United States? Other countries have done it. Russia has done it. The UK and the US for some reason have been reticent in doing so. But now it might be starting just like many thought it would. First a "drip, drip, drip", and then the flood waters would start to rage. The truth about the "somethings" might finally be told.
I have told this story before, but not for a while. In the early 1980's, shortly after receiving my commission as a Naval Officer, I was on active duty at our command headquarters in Washington DC. As a young Ensign, I was given a task to complete during my two week active duty time frame. The task was not too difficult or complex, so I had it done in a week. The Commander I worked for asked me if I would mind going through some old safes and getting rid of older, declassified files. Not a problem, so I dove right into that assignment.
About three days into the assignment, I finished a safe which was for the most part empty when I was done. I was going to lock it up, when something caught my eye. It was a corner of a sheet of paper which had been stuck under a drawer. I lifted the drawer out and retrieved the paper so I could determine if it too, was declassified. It was just the opposite. It was stamped with red letters of warning and code words, most of which I had never seen before. I put it in an envelope and took it up to the Commander's office.
I told him what had happened and took the paper out of the envelope. When he looked at it, a stunned look came over his face. "You and I need to go top side so you can be briefed and then debriefed. Your clearance is not nearly high enough to have viewed this. I am going to call NSA and they will send someone over to conduct the brief and debrief."
I was confused as my Navy clearance was Top Secret SCI - that was pretty high up the food chain. I had not read the message as I knew it was something outside my field of expertise. I did notice however, the word "Magic" had been misspelled, and found that odd. It was spelled with a "J" instead of a "G".
As the years passed, I believed more and more the message I saw dealt with a Majestic matter. Majestic was quite often referred to as Majic. The safes the command used were older ones which came over from the NSA. The paper I found must have been part of a project that NSA was working on. Could that have been part of what is now being disclosed? I wonder.
In any event, back to today. It is odd that an event which happened in 2004 is now being released by the Navy. Testimony by the pilot, along with video and still pictures. The whole ball of wax, showing a "something" going at impossible speeds, doing impossible turns, and making our Navy's finest jets look like they were standing still. So why now? Thirteen years later?
Some retired FAA operators have testified under oath they would occasionally see "somethings" going at speeds up to 20,000 mph. An impossible speed. Making impossible turns. Many have believed our government knows a whole bunch about these "somethings", and this slow motion disclosure is meant to "soften the blow" with the public. Some might find it disturbing that we are not alone in the universe.
In any event, it will be interesting so see if other interesting facts about "somethings" will be forthcoming in the next few days or weeks. If Frank Drake was right, there are thousands more civilizations in this galaxy alone. We might not be alone - just saying...