GOP grass roots to Dems: drop dead

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According to this article, Democrats are telling Republicans to not vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act until Doug Jones is seated. As part of the Republican grass roots, I have something to say to Sen. Schumer: drop dead. Your display of hyper-partisanship hasn’t earned you a say in the matter. Further, why shouldn’t we vote on something that will strengthen the US economy?

That’s proof of the Democrats’ willingness to put a higher priority on checking items off their ideological checklist than on doing the right thing for the people. In terms of morality, the Democrats don’t have much of it. They’re a depraved political party.

According to the article, “Jubilant after their surprise victory in the Alabama Senate election Tuesday night, Democrats called on Republicans to delay any further action on their tax overhaul until Doug Jones is seated in the upper chamber. Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said at a press conference that Jones deserves to cast a vote on the legislation. ‘Doug Jones will be the duly elected senator from the state of Alabama,’ Schumer said. ‘The governor didn’t appoint him. He won an election. It would be wrong for Republicans to jam through the tax bill without giving the newly elected senator from Alabama the opportunity to cast his vote.'”

I didn’t hear Sen. Schumer insist that Democrats let Scott Brown vote on the ACA. That’s because Sen. Schumer put a higher priority on checking another item off the Democrats’ ideological checklist than on doing the right thing for the people.

The good news is that Republicans are getting close to passing the bill and getting President Trump’s signature:

I’m betting it’ll be signed before Christmas.