Finding the (new) line

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"I guess the days of the 'Man Men' type of behavior is long over. Those who still practice it (like Weinstein) have paid a huge price."

Yesterday, another two legislatures threw in the towel. Representative Franks and our own Al Franken. These are happy hunting days for the "me too" crowd. Not saying that is bad, but one thing does haunt me. The pendulum has swung back so far from the days of unchecked sexual harassment and indiscretions, we have now entered the land of no proof, no due process. All it takes is an allegation or two, and a man's career is "poof" - over.
Starting to hear more and more that so and so "crossed the line". And once the line is crossed, he had to go. What line? Is it changing? Or is it a line which has always been there?
The young lady on the radio show I listen to in the morning had a very good point. What would happen if we gave all men a lie detector test to see who at any time in his life, decided to "cop a feel". Or tell an off color joke to a co-worker. Are men who have done that, even in their teenage years disqualified? Bill Clinton has oral sex with an intern, gets his semen (with his DNA I might add) on her blue dress, and is looked upon as a icon of the Democratic Party. Other men have done a small fraction of that have been shown the door.
Since we are now operating in the days of no due process (only allegations), is it time to scrap this co-ed experiment we have living? Boys schools and girls schools? Have either an all male or all female House or Senate? All male or all female offices in the business world? Is this sex thing such a strong attractor, it can make smart people do dumb things? Even the church is not immune (trust me - I have seen it up close and personal). Questions, questions, and more questions.
Where do we go from here? Is the closet cleaned out enough yet, or are there more allegations yet to come. More bodies to fall. This carnal and carnival atmosphere is not making us look very good right now. Along with the multitude of other issues which keep this country bi-polar, giving the impression we all have a sex addition does not further our cause.
One thing which Franken said yesterday which might be a defense in the future for an accused man was a short and simple sentence - "That did not happen the way I remember it". When the accuser has been in the shadows for decades without speaking out, and then all of a sudden comes forth with "something", I think the "two versions" excuse might possibly have some merit. However, in Franken's case, many of his accusers were talking about things which happened ten years ago or less. Time was not his friend.
I guess the days of the "Man Men" type of behavior is long over. Those who still practice it (like Weinstein or Ailes) have paid a huge price. My recommendation to women is simply this. I know it is hard to do, but when a man gets out of line with you, no matter where you work, name him and claim it. If possible, proof is always good. If your boss asks you to do something tawdry behind closed doors in his office, maybe you need to resort to doing what Gretchen Carlson did - wear a wire. That act of bravery got her boss fired, gave her a $20M settlement, and really started the "me too" movement.
Here is a tip men. Just like in that old commercial from years ago where the tag line was "Be like Mikey!", you also should try to be like "Mikey". Mike Pence that is. I have a feeling we will never hear Mike Pence's name brought up with him doing something improper in the past. He errs on the side of caution. These days, that is a wise thing to do.