Kinda wish he would have stuck around…

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"Al Franken - you are damaged goods. Not just a little bit, but a whole lotta bit. Having you remain in the Senate, bathed in your hypocrisy would have been splendid for the red team."

I am not a priest, but in all my years, I have heard a lot of sorrowful people repent or confess things they were very sorry for. Today for the first time, a guy who almost got caught (so to speak) with his pants down, admitted to nothing. These silly women who "said" something bad happened with Al, are either liars or mistaken. To some, Al gave the benefit of the doubt - "I guess I remember things differently". Oh come on Al! Like, those were Leeann Tweeden's shoulders you were cupping and not her breasts. Oh well...
The problem is Al, in the eyes of many of the women in the Senate (both parties), you are a sleaze ball. You say you are a "champion of women", yet your actions betray that claim. You are a user and a abuser sir. A real man would have come forth and admitted his mistakes, asked for forgiveness, and then quietly exited through the back door. To stand in the Well of the Senate and say, "Well, even though these charges are baseless, what about the President? What about Judge Moore?" What about them Franken? This day was all about YOU!
Al Franken - you are damaged goods. Not just a little bit, but a whole lotta bit. Having you remain in the Senate, bathed in your hypocrisy, would have been splendid for the red team. Many Christians who do not believe in karma might have started to. The 60th ObamaCare vote, leaving the Senate with a dark cloud over his head, was very close to karma. Many are happy you are leaving. However if you had stuck around, your word would not have been worth spit - and that includes for folks on your side of the aisle.
And to think, with all your character flaws, you had the BALLS to go after fine men like Judge Gorsuch or Judge Stras, makes me want to puke in my mouth. Since you are my age (hard to believe), I have no idea why you did not serve our country in the military like I did. Maybe you thought that was beneath a person of your stature. Anyhow, in the service you learn many things. Like - taking responsibility for your actions. Plus, if you worked for me and grabbed a woman's breasts like you did, I would have busted you down to an E-1.
I know a pastor friend of mine thinks you are a good egg, and worthy of redemption. Okay - I will bite. I don't know if I will go along with the "good egg" stuff, but we are all worthy of redemption if we first agree to change. Blaming the victim is not a good way to start Al. Repenting is good.
Well, good luck Al in your next life. You said today you wanted to go back to being an activist. Hey! I am an activist also! Maybe we can meet on the trail some time and talk about old times. That is - if I can trust you. And, if you have truly repented.