Wobegon wrongs

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"Only in the state of Lake Wobegon could people like Franken and Keillor be spawned."

Oh my! It seems the "me too" movement has now spread into the sleepy little town of Lake Wobegon. And the long time founder and mayor of that little burg, seems to have been caught with his hand in the cookie jar (or some place like that). The Anoka Minnesota liberal who has made a living out of bashing conservatives with unfunny "humor", now has found himself in a place which is anything but funny. And his career, just like Matt Lauer's, is toast.
Garrison is a friend of fellow groper Al Franken. In fact (and this is rich irony), yesterday Garrison had just penned an op/ed defending his buddy Al. Here is the view of many on the Right - whether it was when Al Franken was running the mess called Air America, or Garrison Keillor doing some of his folksy stand up (comedy?), many times they would take snarky shots at those on the Right. How did anyone expect the Right to react when these two bozos got caught doing naughty stuff?
A social media friend called me on the carpet yesterday. She asked me if I forgot "my President" also has a checkered past with women. Nope - not a bit. I have not forgotten. During the campaign when I was on Team Cruz, I would shudder at some of the things I heard. Then when Donald Trump became the endorsed candidate and I joined Team Trump, I had to make a decision. I have accepted Donald Trump as a "mixed bag". I support him for trying to fix the broken things which need fixing in our economy. And to drain that bloody swamp. Still however, I cringe at some of the things he says or tweets.
In any event, the beat goes on. I told my wife the person I am the most interested in right now is John Conyers. He has said more than once that if he gets the "heave ho" out of Congress (and it is looking like he might), he is taking a bunch of other Democrats with him.
But what about Al? Any news? Well, of course. A fifth woman has come out and joined the "me too" brigade. It bugs the crap out of me this phony blowhard is still in the Senate, on the committee questioning a good man like Judge Stras. According to the unfunny comedian Franken, Judge Stras is not qualified. If his confirmation was not so critical, this would almost be funny. The unqualified, fraudulently elected liberal in the Senate, telling a most qualified Constitutional jurist, that he is unqualified. Only in the state of Lake Wobegon could people like Franken and Keillor be spawned.
Stay tuned folks. This is getting interesting. This morning in the paper, some Anoka resident was quoted as saying, "Boy, it is hard to even flirt with women anymore." No sir - it is not. If a woman does not want to be flirted with, there are many ways, spoken or otherwise, she will tell you. If it stops there, no harm, no foul. However, if you persist after a woman says (in some form) back off, then you are harassing her. Logic 101 - been like that forever.
One final word before I sign off. This is directed to the mother of all sexual predators in government. Yes "Slick Willie", I am talking about you. Right now, you should be scared, very, very scared. The curtain has come down, and there is no more wizard in there protecting your past. Good luck going forward Bill - you will need it.