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The day of reckoning approaches:

North Korea said Wednesday that it fired a brand-new intercontinental ballistic missile into the waters off Japan, ending a more than two-month hiatus by Pyongyang and threatening to ramp up tensions with the U.S. and in the region.

In a nationally televised broadcast, North Korea’s state television said that it had successfully fired a more advanced ICBM, which it dubbed the Hwasong-15 and which it said was capable of reaching any point on the U.S. mainland, in a launch personally ordered by leader Kim Jong Un.

Mr. Kim was quoted by state media as saying that, with the success of the new missile, “We have finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force.”

Independent experts said that the launch sent a North Korean missile higher than ever before, demonstrating a trajectory that could put Washington, D.C., in range. It triggered an unusually robust reaction from South Korea, which quickly responded with a battery of missile launches of its own.

So this regime can now reach just about anyplace in the United States they'd like. Then again, there's this revelation concerning a North Korean soldier who defected:

A doctor who operated on him at the Ajou University Hospital after he was rescued by South Korean troops told reporters that "an enormous number" of parasites were found in the soldier’s body, including an 11-inch worm. Oh was also described by medics as a "nice guy" who liked American movies and TV shows and South Korean K-pop music.

The worms are worms, but they are also a metaphor. I suspect the gig is just about up for Kim Jong-Un and his pals, but they are going to give us the full Cagney:

We can go around casting for recriminations until the day the bomb hits. I don't care which former president you choose to blame, because it could be anyone from Bill Clinton forward. Trump gets to deal with the problem. He says he will. We're at the point where it can't really wait much longer.