The miracle of Graphene

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"Graphene is the new kid it town. It could be the gift which keeps on giving - for generations to come."

I was going to do a bang up update on the world of nanotechnology this weekend. So I got knee deep in some tech blogs to find something on the latest and greatest in nano which really had the "Wow!" factor. And I came up empty. Sort of. The science of nanotechnology continues to go fine. Progress is made most every day. To date, the world of the the small and the very small is something our brainiacs have figured out nicely. But they found out we needed better material to make this small stuff with.
Enter a substance known as Graphene. Not heard of it? Not many (including myself) have. However, we will, more and more. This stuff is nothing short of amazing. In fact, it is so amazing, one would have thought it came off a crashed UFO (or something).
The theory of using a single carbon element, manufactured in a way to give it tremendous strength, has been around for a while. However, it was not until 2004 at the University of Manchester, that a couple of scientists figured out how to make something very special out of graphite. Thus was born Graphene.
Some scientists believe Graphene is going to be a total game changer - especially in the upcoming Internet of Everything (a futuristic idea where everything we own, including our clothes, will be connected to the internet). According to one scientist, as we discover more uses for Graphene, it might be a bigger game changer than plastic was.
Graphene is the strongest material ever tested - stronger than steel. Yet it is almost lighter than air. Its properties make it ideal in the manufacture of electronics, as well as making very stout clothing. Actually, this is not really tell the whole story.
The DOD is working with Graphene in making better and lighter bullet proof gear for our troops. Plus, look for police forces to also have better and lighter protective vests in the near future. Tests have shown that Graphene can stop a bullet where a Kevlar steel vest would not.
Keep an eye on this one folks. Some merchants are already selling outerwear made with Graphene because of the durability. A bit pricey however. Where is the future? It is unfolding right under our noses. There is a whole lot of science which is going on right now. Some of it is under the radar, some is not.
Graphene is the new kid it town. It could be the gift which keeps on giving - for generations to come.