Our new red headed step child

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"So welcome back Al. With the raft of problems the DFL is going to have in next year's election, you just made that burden even heavier."

There is an old saying, and I really don't know where it came from. So and so or something which is unwanted, or over-stayed, was referred to as a "red headed step child". Be that as it may that I don't know the derivation, I sure the heck know what it means today. In fact, "turd in a punch bowl" could also be accurate. Yes friends, now that Turkey Day is over, I am talking about our own turkey - Al Franken.
Al has been a pretender to the throne ever since he was first elected (fraudulently). He is a product of Hollywood and the New York glam side. He would do anything for a joke, including dressing up in a diaper. Come to think of it, wearing a diaper might have been appropriate for his churlish and often sophomoric behavior on stage. Many of his jokes were mean spirited towards those who disagreed with him, and often times became gutter humor. But because he was a celebrity (of sorts), many clueless minions in this state elected him by the the most narrow and contested margin.
In the paper today, it was reported that the ego of this man will not allow him to do the right and honorable thing and resign. Go quietly into the night, as others who have betrayed the public trust have done. Even though a sizable portion of the state's population think we have seen this movie enough. So Al is going to stick around. Like a stubborn winter virus which never seems to go away.
From the Red Team's perspective, having a wounded Al Franken stay in office might not be a bad thing. Now that Al has lost all moral authority, he will just be a shell of a Senator during any type of committee or hearing he is a part of. With Amy's re-election bid coming up next year, having Al tied to her foot like a millstone cannot be good for the Blue Team.
When Paul Wellstone held that seat, even though I disagreed with most of his ideas, it still liked the man for his honesty. Plus, he really was a nice person. I have met the late Senator Wellstone - I have never met Al. I liked Paul Wellstone. From what I hear from those who have met or worked with him, there is not much likable about Al.
So welcome back Al. With the raft of problems the DFL is going to have in next year's election, you just made that burden even heavier. But who cares, right? Power if everything, and as we know power never corrupts. Right? Absolutely.