Dayton sets the table (again)

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"Thank you our soon to be former Governor Dayton. Now go to South Dakota with all your money and sit back and watch. The 'Red Team' will soon show you how to run this state."

If Minnesota Republicans do not make either a clean sweep, or at least close to it, of every Constitutional office up for grabs in 2018, I am going to throw in the towel. I kid you not, the Republicans have some EXCELLENT candidates running so far (more to come with the SOS and Auditor position), and Marx Dayton has done the Red Team a huge favor. He has set the table.
The line item veto boner he pulled at the end of the last session really took the cake. Trying to be too cute by half, Marx thought by cutting off the money to run the legislature, he could force them back to the table to renegotiate the parsimonious gains which were made last during the session. In Marx words, "They held a gun to my head. I had to sign the bills they put in front of me." Wah, wah, wah. Cry me a river Marx. This is the PEOPLE'S money we are talking about here - not yours.
This is almost enough to make me come out of retirement and volunteer to handle the "renegotiation" with Marx. I would use my old line, "My best offer was on the table and you rejected it. The next offer will not be nearly as good, and the one after that, even worse." I would not settle for parsimonious gains, I would only settle for a true reduction in the size and scope of state government. PLUS, to keep our seniors in state, the long overdue Social Security issue would be fixed. Not partially fixed - totally fixed.
I really can't wait until the February session starts. It could be one for the ages. The Speaker already has made overtures if funding is not restored for the legislature, he will not authorize payments for the brand new (and very shiny) Senate office building. What? What if it is foreclosed on? Good! We will hang that around Marx and the DFL necks.
We have not had a true conservative Governor since dirt was invented. Sorry T Paw, we love you, but you don't count on this one. We have not had a conservative Attorney General (who will truly follow the law) since before I started to shave. It has been a long time since we have had a State Auditor who knows how to audit. And we need a Secretary of State who will take voter fraud serious, rather than trying to encourage it.
In 2018, the table has never been set better. And truthfully, it is Marx Dayton who is the one who did the setting. He even admitted that for this state to elect a Democrat Governor next time around would be a long shot. I think deep in that foggy brain, Dayton knows the score. He scorched the Earth during the last session, and there will a price to pay.
Thank you our soon to be former Governor Dayton. Now go to South Dakota with all your money and sit back and watch. Our "Red Team" will soon show you how to run this state. Oh - one more thing. We will show you how to really - Make Minnesota Great Again!