Tax bill – caught between the devil and the deep blue sea

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"Between the devil and the deep blue sea. No words could describe this issue better. And whose ox is going to get gored from this bill? Stay tuned - could be more that you think."

Now that the House has passed the tax bill (with 13 Republican dissenters and ZERO Democrat votes), and the Senate has its bill out of committee, it is "game on" right after the Thanksgiving Day break. The paper this morning gave a very good breakdown of both bills. Some similarities, yet some stark differences. The question which popped into my mind was quite simple - don't the Republicans in both chambers ever talk? These two bills should look like kissing cousins, if not identical twins.
With Senator Johnson of Wisconsin being a "no" vote when the entire Senate votes on its bill, he did have a valid point. How does he explain to a Wisconsin voter whose taxes went up from this bill how this could be a tax cut (as promised). Somehow telling a person who is going to pay $500 or more due to this new law that the bill was for "the greater good" is not going to cut it. But the thing which really sticks in Johnson's craw is the unfairness of treatment between big corporations and small businesses.
Here is the conundrum that Republicans face going into 2018. Should other Republican Senators join Johnson and jump ship where the bill does not pass the Senate, OR, should both sides dig in their heels so it does not get out of conference committee, the red team will be DOA after the 2018 mid-terms. However, if it passes with the ObamaCare mandate thrown out, if some people end up paying more taxes, or it the tax code becomes more complicated instead of less, stand by for broadsides from the huddled masses. Things could get ugly very quick.
The one thing which has come out so far which I think is laughable is the national debt issue. "This will add $1.5T to the debt in ten years!" Really? How will they know. The mishmash of crap which makes up our growing debt is so convoluted, that this fact might not be knowable. And besides all of which, we recently had a "die off" a species of very rare bird. That would be the Deficit Hawk. Once plentiful, they are now all but non-existent. In short, nobody give a fig about the debt anymore.
This will interesting to watch the next few weeks. Republicans from both the House and Senate will need to be tightrope artists - especially when at home trying to explain this bill. Watching the Paul Ryan town hall meeting was a bit painful. Many attending were not buying what Ryan was selling. Maybe more or this to come.
Between the devil and the deep blue sea? No words could describe this issue better. And whose ox is going to get gored from this bill? Stay tuned - could be more that you think.