Deep, deep in the land of “What if?”

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"So thank you very much Minnesota. We elected idiots to fill our state Constitutional offices which allowed the fraudulent election of an unqualified person to be one of our two Senators."

Oh boy! It had to come out. With the "reckoning" in full swing, I knew a Democrat would be led out to slaughter. My bet has always been on Clinton. Juanita Broaddrick is still around and looking for her justice. As is Paula Jones, and the list goes on. But our own CFA? (As as aside, many refer to our Junior Senator as CFA for a reason. It stands for "Crazy (bleep) Al". I think the (bleep) can now be filled in with "fondling".
I would like to go back in time for just a bit if you don't mind. Say to 2008, when the most watched election in the nation was happening. This one was actually more important than the Presidential election. The one where our own CFA beat out Norm Coleman by 312 votes. Now let's just say for a minute, "the picture" surfaced before the election. It sure could of. Much of the country, including Minnesota, had just about had it with Clinton's sexual escapades prior to the G. W. Bush years.
We all know that if we factored out all the voter fraud, as well as the DFL "fix", should "the picture" surfaced before the election, Norm might have won by a comfortable margin. How comfortable? Comfortable enough to overcome all the voter fraud and the DFL "fix".
And if CFA never made it to the Senate? GOOD BYE OBAMACARE! It would have been a bad idea, a nightmare, which never would have happened. "The 60th vote" would have been defeated, and sent back to Hollywood where he could cavort with Harvey and the rest of the oversexed movie mongols.
I remember one time before CFA became a politician, he was brutal on President Bush (43). He was asked why he was so hard on the POTUS at that time. His answer (paraphrased) - "It is so easy. The material is never ending." Well Al - back at ya buddy! From now until you are out of the public spotlight, the Right side of the street (and the argument), has your number! Besides your diaper picture, we are going to hang "the picture" around your neck.
I have a copy of this picture, but chose not to use it. It did not want to go to Blogger nor FB jail for an inappropriate pic on my site. So I chose the diaper pic instead. However, it you want to see the fondle pic, it is not hard to find.
Al Franken was a flawed politician who in 2008 used the help of a slanted SOS office to mask enough voter fraud to get himself, the "60th vote" elected. My guess? The DFL knew this picture existed, and put it in a box and buried it way out in the wilderness in central North Dakota in January. And it worked. Franken is now in the United States Senate (let that sink in for just a minute), and we have the most hosed up healthcare via ObamaCare than anyone could ever imagine.
One final point about the unintended consequences of electing this buffoon to the Senate. The young lady who does my neuropathy treatment is a single mother. She is young and has a daughter. Not a political person, today she unloaded on me about her struggles with MNSure. And I did not even start that conversation!
Here is the final kicker. She also told me she has a family friend who moved up on the North Shore to start a small business. Husband, wife and one child. Because of ObamaCare, their health insurance is almost $2,000/month. That is a HUGE expense for a small business trying to make it work.
So thank you very much Minnesota. We elected idiots to fill our state Constitutional offices which allowed the fraudulent election of an unqualified person to be one of our two Senators. And that unqualified person will forever be known as not only "CFA", but also "the 60th vote" to the system which wrecked our healthcare insurance.