Open Letter To Certain People Being Accused Of Certain Indiscretions [1]

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When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Now. [2]

[1] At this point, someone will likely howl “How DARE you call them ‘indescretions’? They are CRIMES!” Well, no – the offenses of the people I’m referring to in this post are well south of the level required to be a “crime”.

Someone will also howl “Don’t you BELIEVE victims in sexual harassment cases?” Believe me – I’ve seen what sexual harassment looks like, from the perspective of someone with no power to do a damn thing about it. I’ve also seen some completely fake cases.

If someone is accused of a crime, they’re innocent until proven guilty. If someone is accused of something that is unethical and immoral but not criminal, they should be too. And of course, we’re talking the court of public opinion here – but in that court as well as the actual legal one, your best option is almost always to just just your endlessly flapping mouth.

[2] “WHAT? You’re telling sexual harassers how to defend themselves?” No. I’m telling anyone how to deal with a PR crisis. Your indiscretions and immoralities are between you, your offended/affected colleagues, your boss and whatever creator you believe in.

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