Deep in the land of no grandparents…

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"This time around, we need a bowl of hot porridge, not a cup of warm spit. If nothing else, we owe it to the grandparents, especially those stuck in states of blue."

Full time grandparents in the once great state of Minnesota are becoming a scarce commodity. Why? Don't they like their kids and grand kids? I would imagine the answer to that question would be they love them like crazy. But for some reason, the climate in Minnesota is turning very frosty towards the senior citizens who would like to spend their golden years with family and close to our forests and lakes.
Why is this so hard? What is wrong with our lawmakers who cannot see this trend developing? Good questions. I wish I had an answer. The funny thing is that Minnesota has often been referred to by some as the "land of 10,000 treatment centers." Well the biggest abusers in the state work in St. Paul. They are addicted to massive government spending. And who takes the brunt of it? Seniors. They are easy pickings, looked upon as low fruit on the tree.
If this sounds like I am going after Marx Dayton and the DFL, you win the prize - sort of. Many of our Republicans we send to St. Paul go through a metamorphosis from candidate to a spendy member of the legislature. They become "Democrat Light". How so? Take Social Security. The fact we STILL have seniors who will be impacted by paying tax on their Social Security earnings is almost immoral. This last session some seniors will get a break as the Social Security tax is means tested. However, many will not. Wisconsin could figure that out - Minnesota could not.
And now the authors in Washington of the new tax bill are going to take a shotgun approach to teach those heavily taxed states a lesson. The blue states, with their very high state and local taxes, are going to loss those deductions. And trust me, I know the arguments. I have heard them many times. "Why should the people in California pay less federal tax than then people in Texas just because Californians can deduct sky high taxes?" I get it. Trust me, I get it. The problem is, the true believer statists who work in St. Paul (or Sacramento and points beyond), will not change. Their taxes will stay high, and innocent people will get hurt.
Today in the paper the issue of cabin owners was addressed. How with the new tax bills, any mortgage interest on those cabins will no longer be deductible. However, for those who own cabins in Minnesota, there is another issue also. Many out state counties really soak cabin owners on property tax. Why? They need the revenue. Many counties have very little industry, so they need the revenue coming in from the cabin owners. If that deduction goes out the window, look for the cabin market in Minnesota to turn south faster than snow birds in November.
A good friend of mine called me yesterday and chided me a bit for throwing in with the Democrats. On what? On my criticism of losing the the SALT deduction. Sorry - did not mean to. What I did tell my good friend is simply this - if this tax bill is going to be "historic" like the 1981 Reagan tax bill, then EVERYONE needs to get tax relieve. With this tax bill as it stands right now? I am not feeling it.
This tax bill is starting to look like the fix for ObamaCare. Slam, bam, thank you (whomever), and here it is. The op/ed in the paper today cautioned the lawmakers to slow down, and get this one right. I could not agree more. This time around, the citizens need a bowl of hot porridge, not a cup of warm spit. If nothing else, we owe it to the grandparents, especially those stuck in states of blue.