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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Why do Liberals hate Christ?

A couple of days before Jesus was crucified, he was in the town of Bethany visiting the home of Simon the Leper. A woman dabbed expensive perfume on Him causing some of the disciples to object: “Why has it been wasted? We could have sold it to raise money for the poor.” Jesus rebuked them, saying: “Leave her alone. You’ll always have poor people, you can help them whenever you like; but I won’t always be with you.”

We’ll always have poor people? Liberals hate that idea. It’s intolerable! We must eliminate poor people. It doesn’t matter why they’re poor – the shiftless drunkard puking on his own shoes is just as deserving as his barefoot little girl in the torn dress, looking up with big brown eyes. Jesus was wrong! Jesus was a quitter! We refuse to accept His reality. God may have made the world in His image but we will remake the world in our image and there will be no income inequality, no reward for perseverance and no punishment for indolence, only perfect equality in all things.

Heinlein’s hinted at this in “Stranger in a Strange Land,” when the Man from Mars learns about religion and happily proclaims: “Thou art God. I am God. All that groks is God.” Well, Hell, if we’re all God, then we have a perfect right to alter creation, to demand perfection. Forget the Garden of Eden, we can have paradise right here on Earth. We’re entitled to it. We are God.

That’s why Liberals hate Christ. They hate having competition.

Joe Doakes