Deep in the land of “no message”

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"What did we learn from yesterday's elections? Not much really. Blue states elected blue Governors. Blue cities elected blue Mayors. (Yawn)."

Well the minions on the Loony Left are crowing like roosters this morning. At long last! A reputation to Donald Trump! The gears are all oiled up for the 2018 elections. It is going to be landslide for the blue team. And the message is? What? There is no message? Well, there is one message the Democrats are using - we are not Donald Trump, and we will Resist!
So what is the non-message that propelled the Democrats to victory in the very non-red states or cities of Virginia, New Jersey, New York and (gasp!) Minneapolis. The Democrats are for soaking the rich, sanctuary cities, abortion on demand, gun control for law abiding citizens, placating dictators and the edification of public unions. Trump's message which won him the election a year ago today was just about the opposite to all of these.
I got a kick out of watching the vote for Mayor in Minneapolis. A whole gaggle of Lefties, Greenies, and worse, running against each other. Who is ahead? The young lawyer from out east who wants Minneapolis to find its "swagger" again. Huh? What swagger? The ones who wanted to do away with the cops did not make it. The current Mayor did not make it. Even Captain Jack Sparrow (true name!) did not make it. What is the future for the City of Lakes? More of the same. More hollowing. More gentrification. More failed education.
The guy who won in Virginia had a great acceptance speech. He told the masses that Virginia was tired of the hatred, tired of being divided. Did the entire state go into hibernation during the 8 years of Obama? Virginia, which is home to the largest Naval base in the world, suffered under Barack Obama. Obama was no friend to the Navy. Donald Trump on the other hand, is driven to bring our forces up to standards. If Virginians were smart instead of blue Kool aide drinkers, Gillespie would have won in a landslide.
New York re-elected de Blasio for another term. I would have been disappointed in New York if they had not. Why? de Blasio typifies the average New Yorker. Gone are the days of Republican leaders like Fiorello La Guardia and Rudy Giuliani. In today's environment, they would be round pegs in square holes in New York. Nut balls like Dinkins and de Blasio fit in much better. Heck, I don't even think a Democrat like Ed Koch would do well running New York today.
What did we learn from yesterday's elections? Not much really. Blue states elected blue Governors. Blue cities elected blue Mayors. (Yawn). The cabals of Education Minnesota and government school districts garnered enough support from enough sheeple to pass some gargantuan referendums. This will allow the statists to over tax the over taxed by a ton of additional money, destined to spend good money after bad.