Deep in the land of Antifa

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"Will this be something to take note of, or will this entire issue be 'told by idiots, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing...'"

We did something very brave yesterday. We ventured down into the "heart of the beast". Okay - that is better known to some as south Minneapolis. This is the land where Republicans (or should I say conservatives) are not only as rare as hen's teeth, they are more rare that even hens on a farm! It is truly like going into a different land after coming from the northwest burbs.
In any event, I was a bit apprehensive as this was the first day of the nationwide protest against fascism (by other fascists I wondered?). Antifa was going to protest nationwide until Donald J. Trump and his fascist cabinet are driven from office. They want him impeached, or whatever! These protests are not going to stop until Trump and all his cronies are gone.
Well, yesterday was a whole lot of nothing. We traveled into Minneapolis, met our daughter, spent some time and came home early afternoon. No protests, no roads shut down, none of the mayhem which was promised by the leaders. What was the matter? Too cold? Too apathetic? What was it? I was anxious to engage one of these young hoodlums in conversation. Okay - suppose they get rid of Trump. They also want Pence gone. Who would be the President? Hillary? She is rotten to the core? Bernie? How could he get in office? By a junta?
I really don't understand the Resist! movement nor the Antifa group. Trump won the election and he has plenty of checks and balances to keep him from being the dictator the Left fears. In fact, his biggest check and balance comes from his own party. The conservative wing of the Republican party is filled with constitutional fanatics. They raised a huge fuss when Obama skirted the Constitution. They will even be louder if Trump does it. Why? The Right is always harder on their own who strays, then the other side.
One more thing the Resist! movement and Antifa needs to understand. The center part of the country, what was once known as the silent majority, is not in alignment with anarchy. Not in the least. They may be very distrustful of government when government does not act in accordance with the Constitution, but they are always loyal to the Constitution.
It will be interesting to see where this goes. According to the paper and news sources last week, November 4th was only supposed to be the start of this "revolution". Will this be something to take note of, or will this entire issue be "told by idiots, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing..."