The genius among us

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"Buckle up folks - this might be a wild ride. Like anything else in life, the results of the next 20 years will either really enhance our quality of life, or make it a whole lot scarier."

How smart is smart? In other words, I remember the quip the President made about Rex Tillerson a while back. He wanted to compare IQ tests to see who was smarter. Of course, he was just joking around (I think). I remember when I first heard about having an IQ. I was a young boy and had to take a test to establish my IQ. I remember having it explained to me that 100 was average, 120 was bright, 140 was awesome smart, and 160 and above was uber brilliant (or something like that).
Anyhow, I was listening to the radio the other day and they were trying to figure out who was (or is) the smartest person in the world. Einstein? Maybe. Hawking? Maybe again. Or would it be Garry Kasparov? Now we are talking. Kasparov's IQ has been measured at between 185 and 190 by one test. However, we was tested again by a battery of egg heads and they found his IQ to be only 135. However, his memory and recall were off the charts.
Anyway, this radio show was talking about an AI futurist who believes when we really get going on maturing the AI process, a much higher IQ might indeed be possible. How high? Really unknown at this time for a variety of reasons. One reason of course, is the AI "thinking" is different than the way that humans think. But given that, this futurist believes a mature AI could have an IQ equal to a human IQ of 10,000. Let that sink in for a second should this be true. Garry Kasparov's IQ of maybe 190 and a machine with an IQ of 10,000.
Maybe this is why Elon Musk is wetting himself just thinking about what AI can do to the human race. Other scientists see a very bright future for AI in the next 20 years. In fact, some believe the Lee Major's Six Million Dollar Man is right around the corner. That's right - we will become part bionic. Bigger, faster, stronger and a whole lot smarter.
Now this might just be a whole lot of hogwash, or - there might be some truth in it. I read a lot a tech posts on how our nanotechnology is coming. It is screaming along, but does not get much press. We are on the verge of a huge breakthrough in data processing. Much of that will be due to the miniaturization of parts due to nanotechnology. When you combine out prowess in nanotechnology, with our advances in bio-medicine, and then throw in robotics, you have a perfect set of conditions to make bionic people.
One more thing. Supercomputers are still around and getting faster all the time. China right now has the fastest, but the United States is trying to get the title back. How fast is fast? The speeds are approaching many petaflops per second. a petaflop is one quadrillion operations per second. And there is no end to this rainbow. Our supercomputers are now approaching Skynet fast, if you remember that movie.
In any event, the future is upon us. Some scientists believe we will advance more in the next 20 years than we have in the past 100 years. Buckle up folks - this might be a wild ride.Like anything else in life, the results of the next 20 years will either really enhance our quality of life, or make it a whole lot scarier.