Newt: the experts are wrong

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Saying that Newt Gingrich took so-called experts to the proverbial woodshed is understatement. Gingrich started his op-ed by saying “The left-wing media and the elites never seem to tire of being wrong. Remember in May when President Trump said his policies would spur the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) to grow at a rate of 3 percent or higher? The so-called experts insisted that it was unrealistic, highly unlikely, and probably impossible.”

Newt continued, saying “Some of these experts suggested 3 percent growth could only happen if our immigrant population doubled over a decade or the nation went to a six-day work week. They said even if unemployment fell to zero, we still wouldn’t get close. Imagine their surprise then when the Commerce Department announced on Friday that the GDP has grown at 3 percent – for the second quarter in a row.”

Though it’s unrealistic to think there’s nothing but smooth sailing ahead for the economy, it’s totally realistic to think Trump’s policies are working. Democrats are fond of saying that President Trump hasn’t achieved any major policy accomplishments. What they aren’t saying, though, is that the unpublicized legislative accomplishments concerning regulatory relief have helped unleash economic growth.

Then Newt throws this information into the public’s eye:

A recent report by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation estimated the GOP plan, “would boost long-run GDP by 9.1 percent. The larger economy would translate into 7.7 percent higher wages and result in 1.7 million more full-time equivalent jobs.”

At the end of this interview, Newt offers his advice to Congress and to the American people:

This has been Newt’s philosophy since before he became speaker. Pass the biggest tax cuts you can pass. If you don’t get everything you want, still pass the biggest tax cuts that can get 218 votes in the House, 50 votes in the Senate (and the Vice President’s tie-breaking vote) and President Trump’s signature. If economic growth continues, Republicans will have a great year at the ballot box in 2018. If that happens, then they can revisit the tax cuts and pass bigger, more permanent, tax cuts in 2019.

The Democrats and the liberal media will no doubt continue to try to find so-called experts who oppose the Republican tax cut plan. Americans should consider how often these supposed experts have been wrong about President Trump and his policies.

Conservative activists should remind people that a) Republican policies are working and b) the Democrats’ predictions are wildly inaccurate. People already think we’re heading in the right direction. That’s why consumer confidence is soaring.