Coexisting with murderers

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"We look at this war as a blip on the radar, they look at it as generational. They will wait us out."

It was just yesterday afternoon that we pulled out of a retail parking lot and saw the car in front of us had the now famous "COEXIST" bumper sticker on it. I always like to take a peek at who is driving a car which has that bumper sticker on it. Usually the same type of person. White, young, naive, liberal and clueless. I would wager if I could speak to one of these young minions, and question why they have it on their car, the answer would always be the same. "It is the right thing to do", or "We need to celebrate our diversity", or "Every religion is okay and should be accepted." Really? The other side does not think so.
Yesterday in NYC we had another example of what COEXIST really is. What? Too harsh? Sorry, but somehow the truth needs to come out. The enemy is not at the gate, the enemy is in the tent. And in America, just like in Europe, it is a soft target bonanza. We have now found out the enemy can kill us with airplanes, trucks, knives, and yes, sometimes even guns.
This morning on a news show, a former Israeli police man was interviewed. He laid what happened on Bill de Blasio and (gasp!) our naivete. Wait a minute Bird! What did he mean naivete? For starters, in Israel there is no such thing as "off duty cops". They take an additional 100 hours of training each year on how to handle a terrorist should they be out of uniform. And (this is a big one), not allowing civilians to carry in NYC is a big no-no. Allowing people to carry, and lots of them, would be another defense mechanism against a nut ball who decides to go off the rails.
Years ago, not that long after 9/11, I remember hearing a terrorist being interviewed on the BBC. When asked how long this war on terror was going to last, he seemed almost bemused. "As long as it takes" was his answer. Then he said something that many of our terrorism experts agree with. "You people judge time by looking at your watch, we judge time by looking at our calendar." Bingo. We look at this war as a blip on the radar, they look at it as generational. They will wait us out. And to assimilate us? Check out the demographics. As Dylan sang about, "the times they are a changing."
Do I have a solution now that the truck assassins have made it to our mainland? Not really. I have heard many terror experts as of late sound more like our President however. Stronger vetting. Take the battle to them. Things like that. Back to the policeman from Israel for a moment. They take terrorism as serious as a heart attack. They pull no punches. For example, when asked what happens when they apprehend a terrorist in the middle of mayhem, his answer was simple. "First we shoot at his body mass. Best chance of him going down that way. Then we go to where he is laying, at shoot him again right under the nose. That way the brain stem is severed so he will not be able to use his arms to detonate a vest or any other act." Too harsh? Not to an Israeli, who has lived this for decades.
Wake up Europe! Wake up America! There are still a cadre of people out there who want us all dead. Bumper stickers or not, they want us dead. Time to take this war on terror much more serious. Why? As we said in the service, "this shit just got real..."