From Russia, without love…

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"Soon, everyone will be investigating everyone, and Washington will look more like the Ringling Brothers instead of the hub of freedom and independence."

I will have to give the Russians credit for one thing. Without firing a shot, and probably not spending a whole lot of money, they have become our Halloween Boogy Man. Not just for the Republicans - also the Democrats. We are about to really rip ourselves to shreds because everyone now believes the Russians were either behind this surprise election victory of Donald Trump, some kind of Trump/Russian collusion, corrupting the Clinton machine to obtain 20% of our uranium, or preparing phony dossiers. What a mess.
I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Kremlin when this topic comes up. I am sure as the vodka is being tossed down the hatch in celebration, the Russians are dumbfounded by their good luck. How could this have turned out so good for them? All this concern they might have had with America becoming strong once again is starting to wane as 97% of the attention in Washington right now is on self destruction. By golly - Nikita was right when he pounded his shoe! We will bury the Americans - without firing a shot!
Today Paul Manifort has been ordered to surrender to the witch hunter Muller. It seems Muller was looking into some business transactions of Manifort from many years ago. Huh? What did that have to do with the results of the election? As suspected, the Republican hating Muller (and BFF of Comey) is now looking for anything, in anyplace. Whereas we have a real cauldron brewing with the uranium question, Muller could care less about that avenue. Nope. If it is not Trump related, Muller could give a rip.
Here is what I think is going to happen. While Muller continues to waste time and money (of ours), AG Sessions and the House oversight committee are going to go after Clinton Inc. hammer and tong. The harder Muller pushes, the harder will be the push back on the Clintons by the Republicans. This is going to suck all the oxygen out of the air, and the first victim of this vacuum might just be the tax bill.
I also think the Republicans might get so pissed off at Muller, they might start investigating him and his merry group of DNC lawyers. Soon, everyone will be investigating everyone, and Washington will look more like the Ringling Brothers instead of the hub of freedom and independence. Nothing will get done, everyone's approval rating will go in the tank, and J. Q. Public will believe we have finally become ungovernable.
Thank you Vlad. This was a nice present you gave us. In fact, the tag on this present must have said, "To American, from Russia - without love"...