Moon bats galore!

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"We owe it to ourselves to have a smart efficient government. Not a cave full of moon bats."

Many people I know can't stand the former Democratic Speaker of the House. Me - I appreciate her. As I have said a hundred or so times before, there is nothing so bad the Right can do to hurt the Left than what the Left does to themselves. And with many (and I mean many) of them, each time they open up their mouths is an opportunity to display how clueless they are, or how our government education system has failed them.
Yesterday was a huge day for many hurting families in America. President Trump declared opioid abuse to be a "health emergency" for this country. It has a huge step in the right direction, as this opioid crisis has gone from bad to worse. Right now we are losing about 150 people a day to the effects of opioids.
Right after the speech was over by the President, Ms. Nancy made her way to a hot mike. Instead of giving him a "Bravo, Mr. President!" like so many did, she said something incredibly stupid (again). In fact this ranked right up there with, "If you want to know what is in the bill, we must first pass the bill." She grabbed the mike and said, "Mr. President, show me the money."
Unlike her hero, Barack Obama who loved to unconstitutionally allocate money from the Executive Branch, President Trump understands our Constitution. He knows that in accordance with Article One of the Constitution, only Congress can allocate money. So when the Minority Leader of the House asked the President to allocate the money for this new initiative, that explained quite a bit. Like why the Democrats continue to lose market share in the House, the Senate, and governing seats all across the nation.
More examples now of moon bats. One Democrat member of the House thinks we have too many people stationed on Guam. So much so, he thinks the island might tip over. Another Democrat member of the House said she feared Trump would lead us into war with North Korea if North Korea launched a nuclear attack on us. Another Democrat member of the House thinks our Constitution is 400 years old. There is much more in this treasure trove, but I will stop here.
Somehow, our government continues to function (sort of). The thing we need to do as voters is to quit electing, and then re-electing, idiots. Listen to what candidates say on the trail. If they are running for re-election, look at their record. We owe it to ourselves to have a smart, efficient government. Not a cave full of moon bats.