The swamp fights back!

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"But the battle is far from over, and we need to support our President in this fight. Why? If he loses, we all lose."

Oh come on Mr. President! You did not think this was going to be easy, did you? That this long established swamp on the Potomac was just going to roll over, play dead, and let you drain it? Oh no - you are treading on their sacred ground. And ever since you launched your campaign. the swamp dwellers have been out to get you. And destroy you.
I bet when you first made that pledge Mr. President, to take care of draining the Potomac swamp, you had no idea of the reach of the tentacles of this thing. How the swamp had so totally coopted the media that your side of the story, as well as the truth, is rarely mentioned. However, they all seem to follow the same narrative. And when you called them out for producing "fake news", you really hit them where it hurts. And why is that? It was the truth.
The tentacles of the swamp have also grabbed hold of some members from your party Mr. President. The lure of enriching themselves on "K" Street as a second career is just too tempting. And if people are on your team to clean up the "K" Street express (which is a huge part of the corruption), they will be persona non grata by the swamp dwellers when their terms are up.
Yesterday, the bombshells hit about the depth of the corruption with the Clintons with the uranium scandal as well as the "dossier" scandal. Flicking between MSNBC and CNN, I was looking for the breaking news on these huge stories. Nope. Talked about the weather and the rice harvest in Thailand. Oh yes, and the Trump/Russia collusion myth. But the Clintons? Sorry - off limits.
How biased is the coverage against Donald Trump? Sit down for this one folks, as it is a show stopper. Jimmy Carter, never known for being a conservative, has come out publicly and said the following things in a CNN interview:

  • Players should stand for the national anthem.
  • Obama did not live up to his wonderful statements.
  • He voted for Sanders over Clinton, and (drum roll please)...

Say what you want about Jimmy Carter, but he never became part of the swamp. Maybe it was due to his strong faith. Unlike the Clintons, who made zillions of dollars from the living in the swamp, Jimmy Carter did not. He just wanted to build houses for Habitat for Humanity and help the poor. AND - he is able at his age of 90+ to call a spade a spade for what is happening in Washington.

I wish I could give you better news on the swamp Mr. President. It is wide and it is deep. The swamp dwellers will keep coming after you all the days of your term(s). And when you leave Washington, revisionists from the swamp will be working overtime to discredit your accomplishments and to paint you with a much different brush.

I for one, am glad that Donald Trump has been hardened by the street brawling he learned from years and years doing business in midtown Manhattan. It has made him tough as nails in his dealings with the swamp dwellers. But the battle is far from over, and we need to support our President in this fight. Why? If he loses, we all lose.