St. Louis News

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We were in St. Louis for a marching band competition over the weekend. One thing I always try to do when I'm in a different place is to catch a local newscast. I ended up watching KDSK, the NBC affiliate, and they obviously use the same production company as KARE does here. The intro music is essentially the same, up to having the same music that starts the sports portion of the broadcast.

I sensed a weariness in the broadcast, especially in the station's coverage of the ongoing protests over the acquittal of Jason Stockley, a police officer who killed a black man in 2011 following a high-speed chase. For reasons that seem bizarre to me, Stockley had been charged with first-degree murder, which doesn't make any sense given the context of the event. Over the weekend, the protesters apparently decided to go to the St. Louis Galleria Mall, but the coverage, which you can see here, is perfunctory and it seems like everyone is kinda bored.

I've been feeling the same way for a while now. The news continues to follow a predictable pattern. There's no interest in listening to each other, because political positions are completely polarized. We won't listen to each other, because we've heard it all before.

It won't end well.