Blink 182

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"Here are the facts. As of 2017, millions worldwide have seen a "something". In fact in Washington DC in 1952, thousands saw a fleet of UFOs invade our national air space around the capitol. Twice."

Bird, why in the world are you talking about a rock group which most of us have never heard of? Good question. I am one of those "most of us" who have never heard of them either. So what is the deal then? Tom Delonge, who is a member of the band, has a compelling story to tell about (get ready for this), what is going on "out there". I know, I know. Bird - you have been down this road before. But this time, Delonge, just like Dr. Steven Greer before him, has some heavy weights backing up his assertions.
When his name first came to my attention, I did some snooping into his background. Yep - typical rock guy. However, for some reason, he has done some some rock solid research -valid enough to draw some name brand people in with him. Like who you might ask? Like the former head of Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works, where all the new stuff is tested. And boy, does the man have a story!
There are some brand new YouTube videos on line showing where Delonge is flanked by some of his highly reputable colleagues. Thanks to advent of technology, we now have thousands, maybe tens of thousands, maybe even millions of radar recordings, camera shots, cell phone shots, or whatever - to show some proof that what is flying around in our skies should not be there.
One might ask, what is in this for Tom Delonge and all the folks who are following him? One word - the truth. If what these things are just "nothings", please tell us what they really are. And then - don't insult us by telling us that are just "swamp gas" or imagination.
Delonge and Greer are leading a cadre of people to find out just one basic fact. And they are good either way. What are these "things" which keep popping up on radar or in our line of sight? A concern? A blessing? Or, don't worry about it;? And please - just the facts.
Well, here are some facts. As of 2017, millions worldwide have been on record as seeing a "something". There are probably millions more who have kept their mouths shut, just to keep their reputation or oath.
In fact in 1952 around Washington DC, thousands saw a fleet of UFOs invade our national air space around the capitol. They were also "painted" on radar. Twice. So real, that fighters were scrambled to intercept or shoot down. More than twice.
And then in March of 1997, thousands more saw the now famous "Phoenix Lights". Those who were up close and personal, have hollered "BS!" at the fact these were just flares coming off a plane. They say it. What they saw was a mile wide "something", which glided over their houses, blocking out the stars, without making so much as a sound. In their witness account - this was not a "nothing".
Here is what I will say to both Greer and Delonge. "Get er' done!". As someone who has seen a "something" (with my son-in-law about ten years ago), at least tell us what we saw. And make it plausible. Otherwise, the guessing game will continue. And there will be more like Dr. Greer and Tom Delonge. Just saying...