Bring us together!

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"What will truly bring us together? A common understanding our our founding documents. Of our Holy Bible. That is it. We will be together once again."

Who can ever forget that horrible day in May of 1970 at Kent State University? How somehow, somewhere, student protests against the Viet Nam War turned deadly. How young kids in the National Guard, about the same age as the protesters, for some reason unknown to most, opened fire. When the hail of bullets stopped, four students lie dead and others wounded.
All this in less than two years after the introduction of the Hippies and the Yippies at the apocalyptic Democratic Convention in Chicago. One would have thought the nation had healed a bit after that Chicago event.
This is odd. That spring day in May which was almost burned in infamy at college campuses, hardly gets a notice today. May 4th is just another day in May. Even though I was over seas when it happened, I remember it well. I remember my sadness over the event. I did not blame the protesters, I did not blame the National Guard, I only blame circumstances. It was so tragic, everyone involved just wanted to live that day over again so this bloodshed, and that blot on history, could have been avoided.
What I remember from reading the Stars and Stripes in the days and weeks following the shooting, were the number of protesters carrying signs which simply said, "Bring us Together". The Viet Nam War, which was fought by politicians instead of our generals, was starting to rip this country apart. As crafty as Dick Nixon was as a President, he was not the one to bring us together.
And during the 1960's and early 1970's, that wound from the Viet Nam War, began to metastasize - mostly in the Democratic Party. They believed the only one to truly bring us together was a messiah like George McGovern or Eugene McCarthy. Instead we got Gerry Ford and Jimmy Carter. And the country continued to fracture.
We all know the history since then. Reagan who lifted this country up, was still hated by the Left. He was followed by the former CIA Director George H W Bush (41), then the philander Clinton. Bush (43) was then sworn in, and then 9/11 happened. That changed everything. Then we had the great divider, Barrack Obama. The size of the schism that we had in the early 1970's, had now grown to the size of the Grand Canyon. The country was in deep, deep trouble.
In January of 2017, we swore in Donald J. Trump to be our 45th President. A billionaire CEO who was a true non-politician. Was he hired to bring us together? No - only a miracle man (or woman) could do that, with the rift the country now had.
Trump was hired to (ready for this) - FIX THINGS - to be a fixer.. Be it the economy, the southern border, the North Korean problem, whatever - Trump is a man who fixes things. Is he a healer? No. Is he impolitic? Most of the time. Does he mean well? I think so. Can he bring this country back together? Absolutely not. He is good, but he is not Mother Theresa.
If the "Never Trumpers", the Antifa, the Lap Dog Media keeps going after this man, the result will be this. Eight years from now, we will be two countries. No, I am not kidding. The gulf will be that wide, this country will NEVER be able to come back together. California will succeed from the union, and all the Harvey Weinstein's from the east coast will jump on board to be part of this new nation.
Middle America will become real America. The country will begin looking like the post WWII America. The nut balls will leave for the nation state of California, and the patriots will once again take their place in running this great nation. Do I want to see California cleave off the nation and become autonomous? No, but the course is set.
What will truly bring us together? A common understanding our our founding documents. Of our Holy Bible. That is it. We will be together once again. When the nation state of California fails, we will take the subjects back to one again become citizens in this great country. Why? That is the way we roll.